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Digital twins at Royal HaskoningDHV

At Royal HaskoningDHV, our purpose is Enhancing Society Together. This means we relentlessly challenge ourselves and others to develop sustainable solutions for local and global issues. Furthermore, our clients face new and unprecedented challenges, such as climate change, aging workforces, and increasing complexity. We’re passionate that by cocreating innovative digital twin solutions with our clients, we’ll help solve these challenges and scale our impact on society.

Royal HaskoningDHV has been at the forefront of digital twin development and implementation for many years. We understand the value that digital twins can bring to our clients, and we’re committed to realising innovative, reliable, and most importantly, valuable solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

This report covers many aspects of digital twins, from their definition and sector-specific use cases, to approach and technical components and concept recommendations. It explains why digital twins hold so much potential for our clients and provides a detailed description of their context and scope.

We encourage everyone interested in digital twins to read this report to learn about the world of digital twins and their applications. It demonstrates the expertise that Royal HaskoningDHV can bring to support our clients.


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Our purpose

The digital twin consultancy team is passionate to advise our clients in an independent way to get real valuable digital twins.

Customer needs

Customers want to make faster and better decisions across the whole lifecycle of physical assets which are critical for their organization.

This applies to the idea, engineering, design and construction phase (CapEx), but also in the operational and maintenance phase (OpEx).

The successful application and adoption of digital twins aligned with information management, business information modeling (BIM), asset management and other more industry related capabilities (like P&IDs) should be based on clear goals and objectives for the different phases.

Customer promise

We support you to explicitly point out the added value that digital twins can provide to your organization and how.

We ensure that solutions are supported by all relevant stakeholders and implemented in an agile and flexible manner with a feasible roadmap.

The solutions are based on a robust business and IT architecture, appropriate to your organisation, that is interoperable with other (eco)systems.

Value proposition

  • Road map approach to digital twins; taking into account the maturity of your organisation

  • Drawing up digital twin use and business cases; with involved stakeholders

  • Embedding of digital twins within the organisation's Business and IT-architecture

  • Masterclass on digital twins

  • We provide independent consultancy regarding best practices and possible IT products, platforms and solutions to be implemented. This includes guidance and support with the actual selection and implementation of solutions.

  • We not only know RHDHV solutions for digital twins (as but moreover suitable digital twin products from other suppliers.

Digital Twin Consultancy – Team members

✉️ Angelique Jagtenberg

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✉️ Aris Witteborg

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✉️ Ben Lomax Thorpe

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✉️ Hans Tönissen

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✉️  Ilco Slikker 

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✉️ Martin te Lintelo

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✉️ Sebastian Bauer

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✉️ Peter van Wijk

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✉️ Wiger Levering

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